NASA To Reveal Next-Gen Moonwalk Spacesuits Today, Watch Live Here

nasa spacesuit
NASA will be revealing its next generation spacesuits for the upcoming Artemis missions and for spacewalks from the International Space Station (ISS) later today, June 1, 2022. You can watch the reveal here on HotHardware via the YouTube embed below.

The space agency is preparing to launch the first uncrewed Orion spacecraft in preparations for future manned missions. The Artemis program will be taking humans back to the surface of the Moon, and eventually to Mars and beyond. When astronauts finally do ascend the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and climb into the Orion spacecraft, they will be donning new spacesuits.

If you want to watch the live reveal of the new spacesuits, you can tune in at 2 p.m. Wednesday, June 1, 2022 via the Youtube embed below, or you can watch live on NASA's website or the NASA app on a mobile device.

Before the first Artemis mission launches, NASA will perform another wet dress rehearsal of the SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The first wet dress rehearsal was not without its hiccups, but that's what these rehearsals are for.

The rehearsal will include testing the system, including operations to load propellant into the rocket's tanks, conduct a full launch countdown, demonstrate the ability to recycle the countdown clock, as well as drain the tanks to give them an opportunity to practice the timelines and procedures the agency will utilize during launch. The SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft are scheduled to return to the launch pad on June 6th for the next wet dress rehearsal.

A second flight will take crew on a different trajectory from the first unmanned mission, and will test Orion's critical systems with humans aboard. The SLS rocket will also undergo a change from its initial configuration of being able to send more than 26 metric tons to the Moon, to a final configuration that can house at least 45 metric tons.

Of course all of this is in preparations for the long awaited mission that will take humans back to the surface of the Moon. That mission will see the first female and person of color to walk on the Moon as well. But first, be sure to tune in today to see what those astronauts will be wearing on the historic spaceflight.