NASA Is Livestreaming Boeing’s Historic First Crewed Starliner Launch, Watch Here

hero boeing starliner
NASA will attempt to launch Boeing’s Starliner for its historic first crewed mission to the International Space Station later this morning. This launch follows two other attempts that were thwarted close to liftoff because of issues, but as they say, the third time is the charm.

Today’s launch attempt of the Boeing Starliner spacecraft, which will launch aboard a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket, is targeted for 10:52am EDT from the Space Launch Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. If the launch is successful, Starliner will dock to the forward-facing port of the space station’s Harmony module at approximately 12:15pm on June 6, 2024.

NASA’s first launch attempt was aborted just two hours before scheduled liftoff to allow teams to analyze a pressure regulation valve on the liquid oxygen tank of the Atlas V rocket’s Centaur upper stage. The team later replaced the valve before attempting another launch. The valve in question is used to maintain the proper pressure inside the Centaur stage’s liquid oxygen tank.

The second launch attempt got called off with just under four minutes until launch. This time around, the mission was scrubbed because of an automatic hold of the ground launch sequencer. The team completed work on the launch pad on June 2 to change out and test a failed power distribution source that halted the launch attempt.

According to NASA, once astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams reach ISS, they will remain there for about a week to test the Starliner spacecraft and its subsystems before NASA works to complete final certification of the transportation system for rotational mission to the orbiting laboratory as part of the space agency’s Commercial Crew Program.

Live coverage of today’s launch attempt can be viewed via the live feed from NASA above, or via NASA’s website.