Myth: Black Screen Of Death

If you're running a pirated copy of Vista and worried about the Black Screen Of Death (the other BSOD), then rest easy for the next few minutes.

Apparently the info that PC World Australia picked up isn't exactly accurate according to Microsoft:

“Microsoft was quick to debunk this e-mail warning of a Black Screen of Death. A Microsoft representative told Wired News "the reporter received inaccurate information," and that the company has not rolled out any updates to Windows Vista's anti-piracy platform.”

Not that they're not saying anything about the future.  It's entirely possible that this could be done in the near future, and is perhaps an intentional leak by the Redmond giant to see how many people they could get to go legit.

All things considered, a BSOD that doesn't let you use your OS isn't nearly as bad as say, sending thumbnails of all your 'private media' to your in-laws and/or other people on your contact list.
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