Mystic HTPC, Harmony 800 HT Remote, Lexar JumpDrive and More!

ThermalRock Mystic HTPC Case @

"HTPC cases, we are seeing more of them as HTPC's are becoming more popular, and easy to setup. My current HTPC is sitting in a Raidmax Scorpio Case. Which as you can see is not the best case for an HTPC. Today we will be taking a look at ThermalRock's Mystic HTPC case. ThermalRock is a subsidiary of Thermaltake, who we all know are known for making good products. This is my first HTPC case so I'm excited to take a look at it! We will see if it will replace the Raidmax case, and become part of my home theater system."

Logitech Harmony 800 Home Theater Remote Control Review @ The TechZone:

"Taking the 880 out of its packaging, I could immediately see improvements. I am excited to say, no more battery worries and running out of batteries is a nightmare of the past. The Harmony 880 now has its own rechargeable Li-Ion battery and charging station. The buttons have been rearranged, simplifying the remote process even more. The buttons themselves have been redesigned to "integrate" into the shell of the remote. The overall size and shape of the Harmony 880 has remained the same as previous models. Sometimes you just can't change a proven successful style."

The Future of Wireless Connectivity @

"Post Centrino, more and more notebooks are becoming Wi-Fi enabled. In fact, built-in Wi-Fi has become standard on newer notebooks, and the feature is common enough for the trickle effect to commence and make cell phones Wi-Fi compatible as well."

Lexar JumpDrive Secure II USB Flash Drive @ Anandtech:

"Although its name indicates otherwise, one of the most noticeable features about the JumpDrive Secure II is its sleek construction. Lexar has quite possibly put together the best form factor for those who want a reasonably sized device that isn't easy to lose, yet don't want the bulkiness of something like a DataTraveler Elite or Lexar's own JumpDrive Lightning. "

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