Mysterious Space Rock That Crashed Into Home Has Family Dreaming Of Winning The Lottery

hero meteorite piece new jersey
Imagine coming home and realizing a 4-inch by 6-inch rock had fallen from the sky and penetrated the roof and ceiling of your home. That is exactly what one New Jersey family experienced, and the mysterious rock is believed to be a meteorite from the Eta Aquarids meteor shower which peaked this past weekend.

The Hopewell Township Police Department issued a press release about the incident on Facebook, stating it has reached out to "other agencies for assistance in positively identifying the object and safeguarding the residents and the object."

Chief of the Hopewell Township Police Department, James Rosso, told Insider, "I have seen quite a few interesting and strange happenings in my career, but I would never have thought a meteorite would be one of them."

A local fire department's hazmat team was called in to make sure the likely meteorite was not hazardous. They also checked to make sure the family was clear of any possible radioactive effects from the strange rock.

Suzy Kop, a resident of the home, told reporters that the object came through the roof and ceiling, ricocheted off her father's bedroom floor hitting the ceiling, before finally coming to rest on the floor below. She added that the object was still warm when it was found.

meteorite piece hopewell township new jersey

"I thank God that my father was not here, no one was here, we weren't hurt or anything," Kop expressed to reporters.

Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer at the Franklin Institute, told CBS Philadelphia that the uninvited guest could be billions of years old. "It's been running around in space all that time and now it's come to Earth and fell in their laps," he added. "For it to actually strike a house, for people to be able to pick it up, that's really unusual and has happened very few times in history."

The family is now considering buying a lottery ticket after the suspected space rock crashed into their home, according to CBS. One might say their odds of winning are astronomically in their favor.