Mysterious Metal Sphere Found On A Beach Has Twitter Chirping About UFOs And Godzilla Eggs

hero mystery metal ball
A metal sphere has become the focus of some humorous and wild claims as to what it might be on Twitter. Tweets have speculated that it might be a UFO, as well as a Godzilla egg.

The huge metal ball has left police and residents in a Japanese coastal town perplexed as to its origins. Authorities have said they have no idea what the large metal ball might be, after having checked to make sure it was not an explosive device. The sphere, which washed up on the shore in the city of Hamamatsu, is about 1.5 meters in diameter.

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Asahi TV reported that a woman on a walk along the beach spotted the odd object and called into police. Authorities at first feared it could be a stray mine but found the sphere to be hollow after further investigation.

A local man who visits the beach often stated that he did not understand why the ball had suddenly become the object of attention. "It's been there for a month," he informed public broadcaster NHK. "I tried to push it, but it wouldn't budge."

The fact the sighting happened so soon after Chinese balloons were shot down in American and Canadian airspace, has led some on Twitter to make outlandish and amusing claims as to what the object in fact is.

For some, the object conjured up images from Dragon Ball Z, while another tweeted, "Is it godzilla egg?" There were even a few claims that it was a UFO that fell out of the sky.

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Perhaps the most probable explanation was given by @jeremiah_fsp, who Tweeted, "It's a steel mooring buoy." The rust-colored hue and two raised handles on its surface seem to back up this theory.

Photographs have been sent to the Japanese self-defense forces and coast guard for further analysis. The metal sphere itself will be moved to a facility where it will be destroyed if no one comes forward to claim it.