Mysterious Apple Shipment = iPhone 2?

Import Genius is a site that gives "you instant access to real-time information on all the goods entering the United States each day.  Our easy-to-use interface shows you who your overseas suppliers are selling to in the United States and who your competitors are buying from overseas."  They've spotted a few shipments coming into Apple with suspiciously new import descriptions, and they believe them to be shipments of the iPhone 2.

On March 19 Quanta delivered 20 ocean containers of merchandise, described on the Bills of Lading as “electric computers,” to Apple, Inc. Neither Apple, Quanta, nor any other company has ever used this product description for any shipments to the U.S.

The advanced features of the iPhone make it perfectly legitimate for Apple to declare the products as computers, rather than telephones. By doing this, the company may hope to avoid the attention that a massive influx of phones may bring about, while simultaneously maintaining secrecy as to the true identify of the phone’s manufacturers.

Over the last few months shipments of “desktop computers” and other devices did not fall off, indicating that these “electric computers” represent a new product for the company rather than a simple renaming for their Customs declarations.

The initial shipments were followed on March 27, April 28, May 6 and May 17 with an additional 44 containers—each containing an estimated 40,000 units of the new phone. The sixteen containers imported by Apple Inc. itself—as opposed to the Quanta subsidiary—were delivered on March 19 and 27 to the Jonestown, Pa. facilities of Ingram Micro, Apple’s U.S. distribution partner.

Whether or not these shipments are iPhone 2s, even to John Q. Public, it appears there is strong evidence that the iPhone 2 will be introduced at WWDC on June 9th, during Steve Jobs' keynote, and that the launch date will be sometime in late June.