Mutant Mods Acrylic Case, Kingston PC2-6000, and more!

Good evening folks, it's time for the latest update. Coming at you straight from the news feed: Kingston show of PC2-6000, Easy Network Storage Guide, Samsung CLP-550 Color Laser Printer, and more! For those of you in the northeast, I hope this helps the time go by as your stuck inside, watching the snow cover your house. Enjoy!

Kingston shows off PC2-6000 @ Legit Reviews

"Today Kingston showed off samples of their PC2-6000 memory, which is the fastest DDR2 memory that we have seen to date. For those that don't know PC2-6000 is running at 750MHz DDR2! The modules that we have are 256MB modules and carry the part number KHX6000D2/256 and come with a rated CAS Latency of 4..."

Mutant Mods Acrylic ATX Case @ A True Review

"Anyone can accomplish a decent case with enough bolts and fasteners. Let's face it, acrylic cases are a dime a dozen nowadays. I'm looking for one that's not only easy to build, but one that is functional and has a bit of innovation. Let's see if StarTech's Mutant Mods 6 Bay Clear / Blue Acrylic Mid Tower ATX Case can live up to my expectations."

Guide: NSLU2 - Easy Network Storage @

"As the year was turning from 2004 to 2005. I was looking at ways to add more disk space to my home network. With costs of a new computer just out of my reach and having a couple of hard drives that were out of commission and out of places to even use them, I was in a jam. I was looking for a way to keep the cost down but be able to expand the drive space over all of my systems on the home network."

Samsung CLP-550 Color Laser Printer @ The Crucible

"At $699 the CLP-550 is probably still a little expensive for most home users. For the person with a home office or small business the CLP-550 could end up saving you a bundle in printing fees over the course of just a few months. With it's very fast and high quality printing the CLP-550 is the most versatile color laser printer we have used."

Akasa Integral 2.5in External HDD Enclosure Review @ Mikhailtech

"The case itself is very sleek. The body is black anodized aluminum while the sides are acrylic. Akasa claims that you can install a drive in this enclosure without any screws. Well, you can, but it won't be very stable. To get inside, you need to remove the pair of screws in the front. Then depress the button on top of the front panel and remove it. Once that's out, the rear of the case slides outward to reveal the PCB and installation rack..."

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