Musk Tests Livestreaming Game Feature On X With Diablo IV As Millions Tune In

hero elon musk x gaming stream
Elon Musk went live to a massive audience as he tested X's video game livestream capabilities. The X/Twitter CEO faced technical difficulties while playing Diablo IV's most difficult Tier 100 Nightmare dungeon.

Musk took to X with a burner account, @cyb3rgam3r420, to test the waters with X's streaming service for about an hour. He even had a new lighting setup, which he said was "For atmosphere," that included a few candles. While his gameplay may have been acceptable, viewers and Musk noticed a couple of technical difficulties with his stream quality.
One of those was a visual flickering of the game itself. A few viewers noted it in the replies, with some saying it was unwatchable. The second was noticed by Musk himself, as he asked if he sounded funny and later said that the stream "upped sound frequency by 4kHz."

After the stream, Musk tweeted for help from anyone using OBS to test and improve the system. The tweet included a video tutorial that shows how to game stream on X for Premium subscribers. He noted that doing one-touch live video broadcasts directly from a phone worked pretty well.

elon musk obs help tweet

While streaming gameplay on X may be an attractive scenario for some, it still has a long way to go to compete with Twitch, YouTube, or Kick. Streamers rely on viewers being able to easily subscribe, give monetary donations, and a more intuitive way to interact with their audience than X currently provides. Those types of features may come to X at a later date, but it will obviously need to overcome its current technical bugs.

Something else that streamers would want on X for streaming content is a better way to be seen. Musk was able to garner 2.8 million overall views for his test stream, but he also has 158 million followers. Smaller streamers already face difficulty in being found on platforms like Twitch, so if X could present a better solution for discoverability it would go a long way in persuading streamers to use the social media platform for their main content.

The new streaming feature for X is only accessible to premium users, which currently costs $8 per month.