Musk Insists MMA Cage Fight With Zuckerberg Is Still On And Will Be Livestreamed

hero Musk
Just in a case we forgot, Elon Musk is reminding everyone that the proposed fight with Meta head Mark Zuckerberg is still happening, and that it will be livestreamed on the X platform (may Twitter rest in peace). They just haven't finalized a date and time yet.

Back in June 20, Musk challenged Zuckerberg to a supposedly friendly mixed martial arts (MMA) cage match between the two of them. Zuckerberg, who practices jiu-jitsu, agreed the next day to the throw down, requesting a time and place for the fight. It's been crickets on Musk's side since then, leading to Zuckerberg telling his employees in July that he isn't sure if the fight would ever happen.

That is until this month when the intrepid X leader hinted once again that the cage match is still on, except that dates are "still in flux" partly because he said that he was "getting an MRI of my neck & upper back tomorrow. May require surgery before the fight can happen. Will know this week." 


Furthermore, Musk, 52, has been rumored to be training with UFC champion George St-Pierre and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner Lex Fridman, so Musk seems to be talking the talk. Zuckerberg, 39, also continues to train and to his credit has been winning MMA fights. All bets are open for a favored winner here, although with youth and actual fight experience, Zuckerberg could take the crown—if the match ever happens, of course.

Musk has so far suggested the fight taking place at Vegas Octagon (or simply known as The Octagon), a popular UFC venue, and that "all proceeds will go to charity for veterans."

Who do you think will come up on top in this civil battle between men who have nothing else to prove? Would you watch it IF the fight happens?