Mushkin PC2-5300, Aquarius III Watercooling, and more!

The news is crawling this weekend, but we have enough items for your afternoon fix. I've been on the search for a good heatsink and fan combo for the 3000+ I have recently ordered. Temperatures in my computer during the winter aren't a problem as I have a link from outside, going straight into my case, but when summer comes I'll be needing something a little better than the stock cooler. But enough about that, let's get reading...

Mushkin PC2-5300 DDR2 Memory reviewed @

"The maximum attainable speed we able to achieve with the PC2-5300 was a very respectable 321 MHz or a 642 DDR, slightly less than the 667 MHz Mushkin rates this memory to perform at. With the recent findings from the X-Bit Labs about DDR2 and low latencies it may turn out that DDR2 memory is not the black sheep of the family after all."

OvisLink 32-bit 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet Adapter @ Techniz

"With up to 2000Mbps throughput in full duplex mode, sharing files and multi-media device over network is just as fast as using your own PC. Best of all, it uses the same Cat.5 cable and is compatible with all the 10/100Mbps devices. Moreover, the RJ-45 is equipped with auto-MDI/MDI-X function to eliminate all the cabling hassles. 802.1P/Q Priority and Tag VLAN support is provided for advance users."

ATI Radeon X700 Pro @ Systemcooling

"Thus, the midrange market has become a battleground every bit as vicious, and in truth, more important than the Battle of the Titans. ATI has released their X700 series video cards to fill this market segment, and the card we're looking at today, the X700 Pro 256MB, is the middle card of three X700 offerings in terms of price and performance."

ThermalTake Aquarius III watercooling kit @

"The Aquarius III is a unique little unit. The previous Aquarius models were a series of parts one had to install into their PC case, including a separate water block, reservoir/pump combination, and radiator. They took quite a time investment to install properly and effectively. The Aquarius III is built to change all of that with an all-in-one design that requires very little time to get the whole installation process completed properly."

Microsoft Optical Mouse Blue @ eXtreme Hardware

"The clicks on both the right and left buttons seemed quiet and responsive, and the middle scroll glided smoothy up and down, allowing for superb Internet browsing ... it is a truly affordable mouse, about 1/4 the price of hard-core gaming mouses, but nearly delivering the same performance."

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