Multi-Touch Apple Tablet To Finally Launch In Early 2010?

Are you ready to believe...again? After years and years of rumors, we're being presented with yet another round of rumors on a supposed Apple Tablet. In fact, we covered this very rumor way back in 2007, and obviously nothing of the sort has surfaced yet. That said, there were rumors of the iPhone for years before it ever became a reality, so we can't completely discount the possibility that an Apple Tablet has been in the oven for years on end.

In fact, that's exactly what AppleInsider is suggesting in a new piece on the matter. The site states that the Apple Tablet has been in the works for at least four years, and after an absurd amount of setbacks, the company is finally pushing forward to an "early 2010" launch. As early as two days ago, Apple's top brass reiterated that it had no interest in competing at the bottom end of the notebook market, suggesting that an Apple netbook was about as far from reality as possible. However, the executives left open the possibility that Apple was dabbling in some other facet of computing, and while we don't envision an Apple Tablet being cheap if it's ever produced, there's still a good shot that such a product could grab a foothold in the fledgling market.

If the latest round of rumors prove true, the forthcoming device will boast a 10" display, 3G data built-in and other features that will make it look somewhat like a "jumbo iPod touch." As the story goes, the Tablet project has been reset over six times in the past two years as Steve Jobs continued to start things over in an attempt to really perfect it. An early 2010 launch makes a lot of sense. Apple won't be showcasing at Macworld 2010, but next year will mark Apple's first major showing at CES. There's hardly a better way to say hello to Vegas than to launch a new product at the show, don't you think? So, do you think the time is finally right for an OS X Tablet to surface? Would you be interested in one? If multi-touch is involved, and the built-in data isn't too expensive, we suspect this could be a huge hit.