MSI's X800 XTs, Hitachi Deskstar 250GB SATA, and more.

Not satisfied with this mornings news post? Well tonight we've got a lot more for you to read. We've got an item from Mikhailtech... lights for your molex connectors! We've also got a review of MSI's X800 XTs. Read on and enjoy :)

Old ... yet cool ?" @

"When the new graphic cards are being introduced, their manufacturers often focus on updating the drivers for them. This helps those cards to achieve better results in games or benchmarks. However : it is often that the newest drivers do not increase the older cards' efficiency and even decrease it. In this article I will present those drivers for cards based on GPU with the code names : R200, RV250 i R280 – that is Radeon 6500, 9000, 9100 and 9200 that allow us to enjoy the best efficiency and the best benchmark results."

Akasa Power Eyes Review @ Mikhailtech

"The Power Eyes come in a set of 5 in the retail package shown. You'll need to snap the pieces apart before inserting them into your connectors. Two versions are available: blue and "rainbow": one each of blue, green, orange, red, and blue/red. Instructions can't get any simpler, as shown on the back of the package. You insert the PCB into a male connector, then plug in the female connector and enjoy the show."

MSI's RX800 XTs @

"Overall, it's hard not to recommend MSI's boards in the face of those X800 XTs from other vendors. X800 XT and XT PE's raw power makes it arguably the fastest basic SKU from either of the top two GPU IHVs right now, with MSI's bundle and online pricing making it the most attractive that I've personally seen to date."

Hitachi Desktar 250GB SATA Hard Drive @ Techware Labs

"Starting as an electrical shop, Hitachi has come along way since its beginnings. Hitachi has been ahead of the pack lately, releasing large sized hard drives before the competition. The latest offers are the 250 GB and 400 GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA Drives. We had a chance to review and benchmark the 250 GB drive in our labs."

Toshiba SD-R5372 5x Double Layer Writer @ ExtremeMHz

"Today, we are pleased to bring you yet another double layer DVD writer review that has one feature that will definitely give its competitors a run for their money. The new Toshiba SD-R5372 is the first DVD writer to feature 5x double layer writing support. The interest for faster double layer writers is quite high, and is why this drive has sparked quite a bit of interest among many PC and video enthusiasts. We are eager to see how well the drive does handle DL media at this speed, considering that 2.4x media continues to be somewhat difficult to acquire. Let's take it for a spin and see how well it performs."

Super Talent DDR433 Low Latency Budget RAM @ PimpRig

"This review item is manufactured by Super Talent, and they want gamers & high-end system builders to know that there is another source for 256MB Low Latency (CL2) DDR Memory. Some system builders have had a hard time finding low latency ram at a decent price. For those that seek a 512MB, DDR 433 MHz, and CL2 memory module but can't find it, Super Talent offers a very price competitive 256MB, DDR 433 MHz, CL2 module - with a lifetime warranty. Also, the price structure of 256MB x 4 sticks (= 1GB) is positioned to be at least 25-30% cheaper than the competition's 512MB x 2 (=1GB)."

FSP Silent Solution Kit review @ Techniz News

"FSP Group is a leader in the power supply industry in Taiwan and one of the top manufacturers in the world. Since the company's establishment in 1993, their outstanding management team has drawn together with their R&D expertise, their sizeable production capacity, outstanding product quality to consistently excel in this competitive marketplace. Today, we are reviewing their Silent Solution Kit. The Silent Solution from FSP is a complete solution for minimising the noise level of the computer systems. This is achieved by replacing those components, which generate the most amount of noise, with near silent equivalent."
Silentmaxx HD-Silencer Rev 2.0 review @ Techniz News

"The non removable disk is completely encased. Airborne sound is switched off thereby. The transmission of the impact sound is prevented by the 4fach swinging suspension. But not only optimal noise control but also life-extending cooling by aluminum cooling profile and the heat guidance foil are guaranteed."

Thermalright XP-120 review @ Techniz News

"Thermalright have come out with a number of excellent performance heatsink. Today, we are review another solid heatsink, the Thermalright XP-120. This heatsink is cost around USD50. To install the XP-120 on to the motherboard, it is require to take out the motherboard. And this XP-120 is a giant heatsink. So, you better make sure your motherboard can fit in this giant heatsink, click HERE for Intel and HERE for AMD K8 to check whether your motherboard is compatible or not."

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