MSI's 1GHz/1GB R4890 Cyclone GPU Is Ready For OC

The steady stream of new MSI laptops seems to have stopped momentarily...just long enough for the company to push out an all new GPU, anyway. Today, the Taiwan-based company--which has a hand in all sorts of consumer electronics--is announcing its DR4890 Cyclone series graphics card, which packs 800 stream processors, 1GB of GDDR5 memory, and a 10cm extra large fan.

As for raw horsepower, you can expect the core clock to hum along at 1GHz, while the massive heat pipe system should keep things at least relatively cool. Outside of the highly touted SuperPipe system, the card also employs MSI's new solid state clock, which supposedly increases the maximum current value and offers 3x more current value than a traditional state clock. The point? To keep stable when "extreme overclocking" ensues.

Sadly, it seems as if MSI is keeping mum on a price or release date, but those who like to push the envelope should definitely be on the lookout.

Cyclone Thermal Design
The cooling system of MSI R4890 Cyclone series equips 10 cm PWM fan which is the biggest on HD 4890 in the industry. Because of the bigger fan, large amount of air flow takes away the heat with lower fan rotation rate. Cooling efficiency can be increased and operation noise can be reduced. Moreover, MSI R4890 Cyclone carries 4 heat pipes to quickly take away the heat. With an extra large 10 cm PWM fan, MSI R4890 Cyclone series provides the coolest operating environment for system to achieve the best performance.

SuperPipe Technology
Heat pipe is one of the most important components in graphics card which transfers the heat from chip to fins of the cooler. The thicker the heat pipe, the faster the cooling speed. MSI unique SuperPipe technology uses 8mm heat pipe which is 60% thicker than traditional ones and increase 90% of cooling efficiency. Therefore, MSI R4890 Cyclone series is equipped with the best cooling solution.

R4890 CycloneMilitary Class Components – SSC (Solid State Chock)
MSI R4890 Cyclone series carries brand new all-in-one solid state chock which effectively reduces high frequency noise under heavy system loading. Meanwhile, SSC can increase the maximum current value and provides three times current value than traditional state chock. Therefore, SSC can provide stable current when under extreme overclocking.

R4890 CycloneMilitary Class Components – Solid CAP
Capacitor is one of the most important power supply components. Good capacitor plays a critical role in system stability. Liquid and solid capacitors are the two main capacitors in the market. Solid capacitor has longer life span than Liquid. Under the high frequency and high temperature operating environment, solid capacitor provides even more stable power supply. Moreover, solid capacitor contains no liquid, leaking accident will not occur. To ensure best product quality, MSI R4890 Cyclone series adopts Solid CAP.