MSI Ships GT640, GT740 and CR610 With Windows 7

Hey, it's Windows 7 day! And do you know what that means? Lots and lots (and lots!) of new Windows 7 machines, including a trifecta from the crew at MSI. Today, alongside Microsoft's release of its newest OS, the company is issuing its GT640, GT740 and CR610 machines with Win7. Of course, the company's entire range of machines has received Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) Windows 7 X86 and X64 certification, but it's the new gear we're focused on today.

The G-Series GT640 and GT740 machines can both be ordered with an Intel quad-core Core i7 processor, while specs remain elusive on the CR610. The rest of MSI's announcement can be seen below:

MSI is the first to release pre-installed Windows 7 in its new models. With newly evolved hardware and software, consumers have a chance to be the first to appreciate the advantages of the Windows 7 operating system.

Not only do the GT740, GT640 and the Classic Series model CR610 come pre-installed with Windows 7, MSI has preemptively had its entire range of notebook computers undergo WHQL testing in order to receive Windows 7 X86 and X64 compatibility certification. These certifications guarantee 100% stability and ensure consumers can safely upgrade to the newest Window's OS. 

MSI's WHQL Windows 7 certified notebooks include many red-hot features, including the ultra-light, beautifully curved-arch designed X-Slim series and the brilliant Wind12 U Series 12" models. Both rely on an ultra-thin, power-saving hardware platform architecture, teamed with the new Windows 7 user interface, to create an entirely new user experience. Additionally, the MSI Classic Series notebooks, with comprehensive I/O ports and outfitted with high performance software, offer the highest performance/price ratio currently on the market. 

MSI also supports the Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade program and has established a dedicated Windows 7 section on its official web site to assist Vista users with operating system upgrades. Detailed information can be found by at: