MSI NX6600 Diamond, Samsung 711t LCD, and more!

Good evening folks! The news has been moving slow this weekend, but we've got enough items now for a decent sized sunday night update. If this is your first visit of the day, scroll down a bit to see Dave's recent post about HotHardware's upcoming appearance at the Nor'Easter LAN. Well ladies and gents, I'm out until tomorrow :) Goodnight.

MSI NX6600 Diamond (AGP & PCIe Combo Review) @ hardwarezone

"Using a standard GeForce 6600 GPU, but coupled with better components found on MSI's expensive 6600 GT products, the NX6600 Diamond edition strikes a unique performance point with superb overclocking potential and more. Find out if it has what it takes to win you over."

Intel 660 and 3.73GHz XE @ Bytesector

"Before last weekend, we all knew what was happening on Intel's side of this market battle. All of that has changed now with the introduction of Intel's EM64T technology into their two consumer market CPUs. Let's take a closer look at what has changed in these two lines of processors and see whether it heralds a new era in CPU performance from Intel."

Thermalright XP-90 Heatsink Review @ Mikhailtech

"As you can probably guess, the XP-90 is anything but small. Measuring in at 116 mm (length) x 96 mm (width) x 75 mm (height), it's taller without a fan than a stock Intel cooler with one. It accepts both 80mm and 92mm fans, though there's absolutely no reason to go with an 80mm model when 92mm will provide you with just as much (if not more) airflow at a reduced noise level."

HIS X850XT and X850XTPE @ Hardware Avenue

"Hardware Avenue have today reviewed the HIS Radeon X850XT and HIS Radeon X850XT PE PCI-E videocards. Both are aimed towards the high end gamers on the emerging PCI-E platform, but which is the better buy?"

Samsung 711t @ Overclockers Online

"Even as you move very close to the screen, the pixelation is very difficult to see. If you put a couple of nose smudges on the LCD then you can probably make out the individual pixels. Although my camera was able to capture them fairly easily with a macro shot."

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