MSI nForce4 K8N Neo4, 19'' LCD Hansol H950, plus more!

The news has been a bit sluggish this weekend, but today we have enough items to keep you busy for awhile :) As I look outside, the wind is blowing pretty hard and the tree right in front of my window is looking a little threatening... and hey! You know what it means for me when the wind blows? There's a 90% chance my internet connection will screw up... again. So before that happens, I've got to get posting ;)

asetek 3.5" Bay HDD Cooler @ SystemCooling

"The ever increasing weapon of choice in the enthusiast arena has been watercooling. It's allowed users to squeeze those extra MHz out of their CPU's and GPU's, but at the same time keep them cool, quiet and preserve their life expectancy. But benefits of watercooling don't have to extend only to processor, hard drives can also benefit greatly. In today's review will be taking a look at asetek's 3.5" bay hard drive cooler. Will its looks, ease of installation and most importantly performance be a worthy addition to your watercooling?"

PowerColor X700PRO 256MB PCI-Express Graphic Card @ Techniz

"PowerColor X700 brings a richer visual experience to all your favorite PC activities – 3D gaming, watching movies, Internet browsing and streaming video, viewing and processing digital photos, or general home and office applications like spreadsheets and multimedia presentations. Whether you are upgrading your present PC or buying a new one, the X700's advanced graphics architecture and on-board memory will easily handle today's workload and visual entertainment with plenty of power in reserve for tomorrow's possibilities."

19'' LCD Hansol H950 @

"The cost of a good LCD panel starts with 1500PLN and ends with really high prices. Even though it is not small money, the user will never regret his decision. Why? The technology used in this monitors means a very low power consumption, no harm for our sight ( this is one of the most important reasons why people chose LCDs ), small panel's sizes – those are just few advantages of LCDs. Thanks to we can present to you – one of the newest LCD monitors : 19" LCD Hanson H950"

Galaxy GeForce 6600 256 MB PCI Express @ OverclockersOnline

"The Galaxy GeForce 6600 is a great card for those on a tight budget, but still looking for a good PC gaming experience. It handles all of todays games very well without sacrificing image quality or features. My only gripe is with the card's simple cooling solution which will hinder any worthwhile overclocking gains. It seems like RAM-sinks would be of great benefit to realize this potential."

BTC 6300 Ultra-Slim Multimedia Keyboard @

"When BTC approached me about reviewing their new BTC 6300 Ultra-Slim Multimedia Keyboard I wasn't sure I wanted to review another keyboard since there is only so much you can say about a keyboard. Then I learn that this particular keyboard had done away with the plunger actuators used on most keyboards to depress the keys. BTC went to the drawing board and came up with a completely new architecture for this keyboard and came up with something called the 'Scissor Type Actuator". This tweaked my interest and I decided I needed to check this out."

Tyan Tomcat S3098G2N-G @ Phoronix

"Measuring in at 9.0" x 7.5", Tyan's S3098 (i845GV) is one of the smallest motherboards to ever enter our testing labs. Although it may be small, will its performance also be diminutive?"

MSI nForce4 K8N Neo4 Review @ t-break

"We like the layout on the K8N Neo4- MSI does well to place everything where is should be. The first thing we noticed were the size of MOSFETS used on this board. The picture below shows you how big they are and if they're used to provide this board good stability and better overclocking, then they surely work great. The CPU socket is also mostly free of capacitors allowing you to install a reasonably sized heatsink."

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