MSI's Monster Hunter-Themed Gaming GPU, Laptop, Motherboard And More Are Ready For Battle

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If you're not already a fan, you may not be aware that the Monster Hunter game franchise is actually a huge, massive deal outside of the US, and it has been for a long time. The original game on the PlayStation 2 wasn't a big hit over here, but it was a massive success in developer Capcom's native Japan, and the series is one of the very most beloved franchises over there. Monster Hunter finally hit it big worldwide with Monster Hunter World in 2018, and CAPCOM just announced the successor to that title, Monster Hunter Wilds, back at The Game Awards in December.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series, CAPCOM is teaming up with MSI to produce some limited-edition products from just about every product line that MSI makes. That means there's a notebook, a graphics card, a motherboard, a monitor, a case, a gamepad, and even a liquid-cooler on the way bearing Monster Hunter-themed branding and designs. If you're a fan of the series, these will no doubt be hot items.

laptop msi monhan20th

Starting off with what will surely be the most expensive item, the notebook will the Crosshair 16 HX Monster Hunter Edition. MSI says that the laptop was "designed with inspiration from the well-known Rathalos, King of the Skies". That's a notorious fire-breathing wyvern from Monster Hunter, if you didn't know. The laptop itself will have an Intel Core processor of some description paired with a Geforce RTX 4060, which means it may actually be priced accessibly to mere mortals.

gpu msi monhan20th

The graphics card, similarly, will be the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8G Gaming Slim Monster Hunter Edition. MSI says that it "embodies GAMING characteristics through bolt lines, clean edges, RGB hues on a sleek appearance, and a ventilation cutout in the backplate." We're sure it's a fairly standard GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8G card with a Monster Hunter-themed cooler shroud, but we're at least grateful that MSI didn't pick a 16G model.

motherboard msi monhan20th

Meanwhile, the motherboard is a considerably fancier part. The MSI MPG Z790 Edge Monster Hunter Edition motherboard is obviously for Intel LGA 1700 processors and looks to be a fairly standard upper-midrange Z790 design. The product page for it isn't up yet, but MSI says that it sports multiple M.2 slots, 20-Gbps USB, and Wi-Fi 7 with Bluetooth 5.4. The company also notes that this board has a 16+1+1 phase power design, which means it won't be cheap.

case monitor msi monhan20th

The monitor for this collaboration is the MAG 274QRF QD E2 Monster Hunter Edition. It's a deep red color with "MonHan"-themed accents all over. As a monitor, it's a reskinned version of MSI's extant MAG 274QRF-QD-E2, with a rapid IPS panel in 2560×1440 resolution, and a 180Hz refresh rate. Meanwhile, the case is the MPG Gungnir 300 Monster Hunter Edition. Arguably the most desirable item from this collab, the full-ATX case comes emblazoned with an illustration of Rathalos on the side and room for a pair of 360-mm AIO liquid coolers.

clc msi monhan20th

Speaking of liquid coolers, the MAG CoreLiquid E360 Monster Hunter Edition is exactly what it sounds like: a MAG CoreLiquid E360 with a Monster Hunter theme. MSI says that the cooler's block cap has a rotating circular ARGB lighting effect, and that this model has a considerably-improved pump design that separates hot and cold coolant. Neat.

gamepad msi monhan20th

Finally, the Force GC30 Monster Hunter Edition gamepad appears to be essentially a by-the-numbers Xbox-format gamepad with a Monster Hunter theme. The D-pad has a "replaceable metal and magnetic cover", and the analog sticks and triggers are "improved" in some non-specific way. This pad does come with rubber grips on the outsides of the handles, which we like quite a bit. It'll support wired and wireless modes for Windows, Android, and apparently "popular gaming consoles", too.

If you're thinking, "that looks great! when can I buy it?" well, we don't know. The company will be showing off all this stuff at CES next week, but as for when it will actually become available, MSI hasn't said. Capcom's press release does say that the parts should make their "official debut" along with the 20th anniversary celebration of Monster Hunter, though. That should happen in March, so maybe look forward to then. You can also check out Capcom's other 20th-anniversary events at the Monster Hunter site.

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