Capcom Talks Monster Hunter Rise Cross-Play And Cross-Save On PC And It's Not Good News


Monster Hunter’s hopes of cross-play and cross-save being implemented on PC once Monster Hunter Rise and its forthcoming expansion Hunter Rise launch on Steam have been shattered. This is not good news for players who were wanting to transfer their progress over from the Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise launched earlier this year as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. The game is quite time-intensive, requiring players to grind many hours for gear to fight all those monsters. Players were hoping they would be able to experience higher framerates, along with 4K and ultra-wide monitor support once the game launched on PC, without losing all their progress. But a Monster Hunter tweet dampened those hopes saying, "…we found we are unable to implement it this time."


Players may find a glimmer of hope in the wording "this time," however faint that glimmer. There is no doubt that hunters around the globe will continue to push Capcom to find a way to make cross-play and cross-save a reality.

For now, players will be able to experience the game on PC via Steam through a demo that is scheduled to release October 13. In the demo players will also get a chance to utilize easy-to-use voice chat and keyboard/mouse controls. The full game of Monster Hunter Rise is set to release on Steam January 12, 2022.

Time will tell if Capcom will be able to give hunters what they want. Until then they will be left deciding whether to create a new hunter and begin their grind all over again on PC, while not being able to join friends in hunts who choose to stay on the Nintendo Switch. Darn.

Will you be playing the demo of Monster Hunter Rise on Steam? As a hunter, are you willing to start fresh and begin the grind all over again for the advantages of playing on PC? Let us know down in the comments.