MSI K8N Neo3-F, Intel Pentium M 780... in a desktop, and more!

Hey everybody, here's the late night update. I'm sure there have been many of you who have wondered just how much juice your multi-GHz CPU eats up, so Hard Tecs 4U takes a look at power consumption on Intel and AMD CPU's. The language is German, so you'll probably need a translator. Though the graphs on page 7 require no translation.

Rosewill R114A Mid-tower Case Review @ 3DXtreme

"I'm sure if you asked anyone these days what brand of computer case they wanted, they would probably tell you Lian Li, Thermaltake, Silverstone, CoolerMaster or maybe even Antec. But if you asked that person which one of those cases they can afford they might tell you none of them. Sure it might be nice to spend at least $100 to buy a high quality case, but not everyone has that kind of money to spend. So they look for a budget case, maybe around the $50 mark, hoping to find a decent case with the features they want."

MSI K8N Neo3-F Motherboard @ PCStats

"Today, PCSTATS will be looking at MSI's nForce4-4X entry, the K8N Neo3-F. This motherboard supports all AMD Athlon64 and Sempron Socket 754 processors and up to 2GB of single-channel DDR memory. As with other nForce 4 chipsets, PCI-Express is integrated and the K8N Neo3-F sports a full PCIe x16 slot for video cards as well as a single x1 slot for peripherals. A standard compliment of four SATA 150 ports and two IDE controllers are present, as well as four built in USB 2.0 ports and two more on the included PCI bracket."

Shuttle ST20G5 XPC @ t-break

"A blue LED for power and an orange LED for hard drive activity are present besides the power and reset buttons on the front and the good thing is that unlike certain Shuttle XPCs, they're not extremely bright. The front panel flips open to reveal two USB, one firewire and audio input and output jacks while an external 3.5" drive can also be accessed through the center bay."

Intel Pentium M 780 as Heart of Your Desktop PC, with ASUS CT-479 Adapter @ X-Bit labs

"It is now possible to install Intel Pentium M processors on i865-, i875-based mainboards using a simple adapter. But does it really make sense? We are going to answer this question by offering you a review of a desktop system with a 2.26GHz Pentium M 780 processor!"

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