MSI DR16-B Dual-Layer DVD Burner, Logitech Z-680 5.1

My head feels like a brick. My head feels like it got hit by a brick. In other words, being sick sucks. I need more sleep, so I'll keep this short...

MSI DR16-B Dual-Layer DVD Burner Review @ PCSTATS

"Conventional recordable DVD media stores data on a single 4.7GB plane (level) of the disc. On dual-layer DVD media, there are two recordable 'layers' which can both store up to 8.5GB of data. Today we're looking at MSI's new DR16-B dual-layer DVD burner. The DR16-B is capable of burning DVD /-R media at a blistering 16x, DVD /-RW at 4x and most importantly, dual-layer DVD media at 2.4x. Of course you can still burn conventional CD recordable media and the MSI DR16-B flies along at 40x for CD-R, and 24x for CD-RW."

AOpen ACP4SH Pentium 4 Heatsink Review @ Frostytech

"Included along with the AOpen EX915 XCube small form factor PC is this heatsink, the AOpen ACP4SH. Designed with a skived copper base, and heatpipes, this cooler is technically used with the socket 775 Intel processor in the XCube system. However, the ACP4SH heatsink is designed to work with the socket 478 architecture, and clip system. It also happens to be a pretty competent cooler, so this is why FrostyTech is testing it here for you today."

Fujitsu Seimens Pocket Loox 720 @ t-break

"Starting off, we really love the size of the Pocket Loox 720. Measuring 4.8 x 2.3 inches with a screen size of 3.6 inches, its one of the smallest VGA devices on the market. While some people might find the screen size to be a bit small, especially when using actual VGA mode, we were quite comfortable with it and prefer it over the bigger sized screens which also increases the overall size of the unit."

Logisys 500W Acrylic Power Supply @ ExtremeMHz

"One of the unique opportunities hardware reviewers get is the ability to interact directly with manufacturers and other organizations on a regular basis, which gives us a different view than most on the quality of a particular organization. Logisys Computer is on the short list of companies that I genuinely enjoy working with, purely based on that level of interaction. Logisys has also been very aggressive in getting unique new products out in to the market, such as the full size Streamline Keyboard that Miguel looked at earlier this month. This time around, I'll be taking a look at Logisys Computer's 500W Acrylic power supply, which also features UV connectors and sleeved wiring!"

"Show Us Your Turkey" Contest @ Systemcooling

"It's time for the first annual Systemcooling / Cooler Master Thanksgiving "Show Us Your Turkey" Contest! The most beautiful main course will win a Cooler Master Cavalier 1 case customized with a windowed side panel and LED fans. See the contest thread in our forum for details, and good luck!!!"

XG Viper Enclosure @ Viper Lair

"Overall, this is a pretty nice case. If you're looking for a new case that's a bit different than the rest and inspired by the Dodge Viper car, the XG Viper case is worth a look. At around $99 at the time of this review, it is a great value, especially when you factor in the included 500 watt PSU and the cooling possibilities it affords."

Thermaltake BigWater Watercooling Kit @ Bjorn3D

"Thermaltake has a reputation of being on the front line when it comes to new technology for the PC enthusiast market, and their BigWater watercooling kit helps them stay out front. With its easy to configure design, great looks and awesome performance, the BigWater should be considered by everyone looking at getting into watercooling."

Logitech Z-680 5.1 Speaker Review @ The Tech Zone

"Up until a few months ago, the Z-680 was Logitech's top of the line computer speakers. That title now belongs to their new Z-5500 Digital. However, just because the Z-680 is not longer top of the hill doesn't mean the speakers are no good - far from it. The Z-680 is still among the best computer speakers money can buy. And thanks the fact that it's no longer top of the line, these speakers have become a super great buy."