MSI Debuts Wind Box DC100, Touchscreen Wind Tops

If MSI's iMac-like Wind NetOn AP1900 was a bit too "standard fare" for your tastes, the aforementioned company has revealed a few touch-friendly machines at CeBIT that may be just what the innovation doctor ordered. The all new Wind Top line has been revealed, and at least initially, it will consist of three models: the AE1900, AE2200 and the AE2010.

The line will span from 19" to 22" in terms of diagonal screen size, and much like HP's TouchSmart all-in-one PCs, these too posses all the internals you need for a full-fledged computing experience and allow you to control the mouse cursor and various other applications via touch. As for the AE2010, it will come with a single-core AMD processor, a 780G chipset, but outside of that, MSI's being quite stingy with specs, pricing and release dates. We suspect all of that will flow shortly after CeBIT concludes, but we'll admit that the waiting is the hardest part.

In related news, the company is also showcasing its small-form-factor Wind Box DC100, a 1.5L box that promises low power consumption and plenty of power for handling just the basics. Sadly, all we're told is that it features a dual-core Atom processor, but suffice to say it won't be aimed at the gamers in the crowd.