MSI 925X Neo Platinum, SLI Hands-On Feature, and some others.

Guys and Gals, it's that time again. Apparently it's also time for another winter storm. Not to worry though, it's going to be around 55'F in my area on Thursday! Well, that's the weather for now, and here's the tech stuff...

MSI 925X Neo Platinum (Intel 925X Express) @ hardwarezone

"Alderwood motherboards aplenty, but throw in a robust design, good performance plus the latest technologies and you have the MSI 925X Neo Platinum. If you're planning on getting a new Pentium 4 system or know someone who is, this board comes highly recommended."

NVIDIA SLI Hands-On Feature @ Neoseeker

"Today at Neoseeker we take a look at NVIDIA's SLI technology and do some testing with a pair of 6800GTs as well as a 6600GT SLI setup with Gigabyte's 3D1. A single 6800GT and ATI's flagship product, the X850 XT PE also make an appearance in the benchmarking."

Hypercool 4+ Heatsink reviewed @

"When we reviewed the Hypercool II+ heatsink earlier this year we came away from that review with a great deal of respect for Primecool and their heatsink manufacturing process. Even though their name is not as commonly known as some of the larger companies here in the US this company from the Czech Republic seems to be doing things right."

CS KN1 Extreme @

"So, if you want to taste the goodness of NVIDIA's latest chipset in its Ultra incarnation and aren't worried about the overclocking side of things, what you have here is a solid, stable, fully featured setup, and all at an extremely tempting price point to boot. The overclockers among us will want to wait however, either for future BIOS updates for this board or to look elsewhere."

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