Mozilla Says Something Big Is Coming For Android Next Week

Although relatively few details have been announced, Mozilla is promising something "BIG" is coming next week. The company recently published the following on its official Twitter account: "Something BIG is coming your way next week." Hashtags for Firefox and Android are included, so it's likely the announcement will pertain to the company's mobile browser. A link included with the tweet shows an image with a smartphone and Android as seen below.

Competition in both the desktop and mobile browser markets has been stiff lately, and Mozilla has been struggling to maintain its share of the desktop market. Given the potential growth for the mobile market, it wouldn't surprise us if the company shifts efforts a bit to focus more heavily on the phone and tablet browsing market.

The timing of the announcement is also notable, since Google I/O is next week and we'll likely see some news about Chrome and its integration with the next version of Android (Jelly Bean). Will Mozilla have enough new tricks up its sleeve to compete with whatever Google plans to reveal next week? We'll find out!