Mozilla Patches Firefox 18, Now Stable

Right on the heels of the Firefox 18 update, which patched a disconcerting 21 security flaws, a new Firefox update has been released. The new patch focuses on resolving glitches and makes Firefox 18 stable. Version 18.0.1 should update automatically, but if it doesn’t, snag it here.

The Known Issues list for Firefox 18.0.1

Some known issues remain after the 18.0.1 patch, but version 19 will clear up several of them.

The most important fix applies to a HTTP Proxy Transactions problem, which could hinder or stop browsing in a worst-case scenario. Two other big fixes are only for Firefox on Apple systems. The Unity player plugin was crashing on Mac OS X, and the browser was having trouble with certain high-resolution Apple screens.

Plenty of known issues remain, including a bug that makes Gmail’s main screen scroll slowly, as well as a glitch that can tank Microsoft System Restore, but all-in-all, this update is worthwhile.