Motorola's H17txt: The Bluetooth Headset That Talks Back

Bluetooth headsets are a dime a dozen these days, and honestly, they're becoming a little bit "last decade." We haven't seen nearly as many people walking around with them lately, despite the fact that Cellbow is at an all-time high. But Motorola's new H17txt might just change things for the sagging market, as it does something mighty special that most other BT headsets could only dream of: talk back to its owner.

That's right. This headset, which will be available solely through Verizon Wireless starting this month, has the ability to speak text messages to the owner, enabling a full handsfree experience that cannot be matched by units that lack text-to-speech. Also, it gives users the ability to "customize an automated response and automatically enable text-to-speech when the headset is powered on."

Customers can download the text-to-speech application to their smartphone from multiple application stores by search for MotoSpeak, and when used on their cellphone (and paired with this device), users can automatically hear their text messages through their headset. We were never fans of having a bug on our ear, but this might just change our minds now that texting and driving is unlawful in so many places. Just kidding, we never did that before. Safety first, right kids?