Motorola's "Cloud Broadband" Streamer Puts Android On An 18.5" Touch Panel

Here's an interesting one: an HTPC / all-in-one PC hybrid, but instead of being based on Windows, it's running Android. Hard to say how much traction such a strange device will get, but Motorola Mobility is trying it anyway. The new HMC3260 "Cloud Broadband" device relies on an 18.5" Android-powered touchscreen interface, and it promises to hone in on "on-demand games, video and other broadband services." It'll be interesting to see how Android functions on a whopping 18.5" touch panel, and moreover, if people will select this over a more conventional PC. There's no word on a price just yet, but the full release can be found below. Consider us curious, that's for sure.

Motorola Mobility's First Android-Based Home Entertainment Device Launches with WASU in China

Motorola HMC3260 "Cloud Broadband" device incorporates an 18.5-inch Android™-powered touchscreen interface for on-demand games, video and other broadband services.

BEIJING – September 12, 2012 – WASU Digital Group, one of China's leading cable and telecommunications service providers, has chosen Motorola Mobility's HMC3260 Android™-powered cloud computing device to provide a range of innovative cloud-based entertainment services to its customers.

Launched today in Beijing, the Motorola HMC3260 cloud computer uses an Android-powered, 18.5-inch LED touchscreen display to provide consumers easy access to digital TV, movies, games, web browsing, apps and other DOCSIS*-based services on demand. Motorola Mobility's first Android-powered home broadband device, the HMC3260 provides customers with a truly converged broadband and TV experience with a unique and intuitive interface.

Building on its experience in the broadband communications and mobility industries, Motorola is developing a new family of Android-powered, highly innovative devices for the broadband market. The Motorola HMC3260 – dubbed Cloud Broadband by WASU – is specially designed for service providers who deliver a variety of video, interactive broadcast, and Over-The-Top (OTT) services over hybrid fiber coax networks.

"The Motorola HMC3260 not only provides subscribers with a fast broadband connection, it also enables them to enjoy a range of cloud-based services provided by WASU, including games, high-definition television and movies, web browsing and more," said Kevin Keefe, Vice President & regional general manager of Motorola's Home Division, Asia. "The powerful touchscreen interface capitalizes on the power and flexibility of Android to enable WASU to differentiate itself from operators who only offer a pipeline for data. It is an important step toward our vision of a smart, simple, connected home."

The Cloud Broadband device enables WASU's customers to access to a host of cloud entertainment services such as an extensive library of on-demand high-definition media, games, applications and storage space. WASU chose Motorola's 'all-in-one' device for its ability to deliver innovative and compelling, combined entertainment and connectivity services. Its sleek, simple design and stunning 18.5" LED touch-screen offers WASU's customers an attractive way to consume high-definition media in the home whilst staying connected with friends and family via broadband.

Ms. Qiao Xiaoyan, Vice President, WASU Digital Group, said: "Broadband is at the core of WASU's growth strategy. The Cloud Broadband device enables subscribers to easily access and search the vast amount of video, music, and gaming content that WASU aggregates and manages for them in addition to regular cable television services. Motorola Mobility's Android-powered device creates an entertainment hub in the home, allowing our customers to manage their home entertainment via one attractive, simple-to-use interface."