Motorola Xoom Family Edition Lands at Best Buy on Sunday

In a bid to attract parents who always buy the wrong thing, Best Buy on Sunday will exclusively offer the new Motorola Xoom Family Edition tablet. The fun part will be in convincing the iPad-wanting munchkins at home that this is even better than an iPad 2 because it comes packed with kid-friendly applications worth nearly $40. And if you raised them right, they'll pat you on the back and tell you how much they appreciate you tightening your belt in these tough economic times as you save for their eventual college education, and that they're looking forward to rocking Android 3.1 on a full sized tablet.

So maybe that's a stretch, but if you're buying a tablet for the whole family to use, the little ones can either appreciate what they're getting or go to their room and pout about how all their friends' parents buy them Apple devices, and all they get is this crummy Xoom thing.

"Nowadays, everyone from mom, dad to the youngest child use the same tablet device. We set out to design a device that’s kid and family-friendly yet versatile enough to handle your business needs," said Jim Hamilton, corporate vice president, global retail & distribution, Motorola Mobility. "The Motorola XOOM Family Edition offers a world of games, shows and video tools and because it’s from Motorola, you know it’s durable and will last for years to come."

In addition to all the specs you're already familiar with, the Xoom Family Edition comes preloaded with:
  • Nearly $40 worth of kid applications
  • MotoPack by Motorola Xoom
  • Quickoffice Pro HD
  • MotoPrint
  • Games like Asphalt 6 and SIM City Deluxe

The Xoom Family Edition will sell for $379.