Motorola Demos Wireless Space Charging Tech That Simultaneously Charges Up To 4 Devices

Motorola Space Charging
Future generations are going to have all the cool technology that eludes us today, like flying cars and that sort of thing. Don't despair, though, there's some neat things in the pipeline for our lifetime, too. One of them is better wireless charging, made possible by Motorola's Space Charging system, which is capable of doling out juice to four devices at the same time.

Wireless charging is not perfect by any stretch, but it is super convenient compared to the old way (plugging in cables). And while Motorola's Space Charging technology does not achieve perfection in the wireless charging space—it still requires the use of docks for each device, at a precise angle—it does at least improve upon it in a meaningful way.

Motorola highlighted the tech on a post on Weibo. This represents an improvement over Motorola's first demonstration of its Space Charging feature, which initially was limited to a couple of devices. Now, however, it is capable of charging four devices at a distance of up to 3 meters (a little under 10 feet) away.

Placement is key to taking advantage of the Space Charging station. It does not offer full 360-degree coverage, but does cover 100 degrees, which is decently wide. The Space Charging station can also pass through various obstructions like paper and cardboard, aided by its 1,600 antennas. However, it is not clear what the limitations might be (like being able to pass through walls and the sort).

Motorola also doesn't mention the wattage, but according to leaker Digital Chat Station, it maxes out at 5W. That means its could take quite a bit of time to juice up a capacious battery, as found on many of today's high-end smartphones. But it could also accommodate other devices, like smartwatches and the sort.

The company didn't say when it plans to bring this to market or how much it will cost. That's could be because it is still tweaking the technology. Whenever it does arrive, though, we're sure there will be plenty of interest.