Motorola Televation Streams HDTV To In-Home IP Devices

Live streaming throughout the whole house? It's not a pipe dream, it's a reality. Between the Slingbox, modern day DVRs and home networking solutions, streaming music and video around the house has been possible via a variety of methods. But if you asked someone if anything like this was "easy," well, they'd probably confess that it's not. Motorola Mobility is looking to spark the next revolution in home video, with a new live streaming device for every single screen within the home. It's called the Televation, and it can securely stream subscription TV to IP devices connected within the home via a WLAN router.

You understood that right: it's a broadband device that works with a Wi-Fi router to allow consumers to watch live TV on a connected IP device anywhere around the home, whether they are preparing food in the kitchen or relaxing in the backyard. Televation employs a 1GHz digital tuner and CableCard to access broadcast TV channels directly from a coax outlet. The device has a high-performance transcoder that translates programming in real-time from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4, as well as changing resolution and bit rate to match the capabilities of the consumer's viewing device while maintaining excellent picture quality.

The device has an Ethernet jack to plug directly into the home Wi-Fi router so the TV show can be wirelessly streamed over IP to any device connected to the home network. To keep the programming secure while it is being streamed, and to preserve the digital rights associated with the program, Televation utilizes Motorola's SecureMedia IPRM-HN technology. IPRM-HN has been approved by both CableLabs and the DTLA (Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator), giving content owners peace of mind that their valuable asset remains safe.

The only major downer here is that this keeps the video totally within the home, meaning that you can't stream it externally or on-the-go. Perhaps that'll change if content companies ever loosen their grip a bit, but given that there's no firm release date for even this, we suspect it won't be for some time yet.