Motorola Reportedly Working On Android Smartphone With 4.3-inch Screen

Supposedly, Motorola is working on a new smartphone that will have one of the largest displays we've seen to date. Code-named Shadow, the smartphone is said to have a 4.3-inch WVGA+ touch screen with a resolution of 850 x 484 and run on the Android operating system.

Considering most smartphones today have a 3.7-inch or smaller screen, the Shadow's screen is a definite step up from current models. Currently the Windows Mobile-based HTC HD2 is the only other smartphone on the market that has a 4.3-inch screen. In terms of Android-powered models, the closest competition is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, which will sport a 4.0-inch display.

Information about the Shadow is still very sparse, but based on the single leaked picture, we expect the phone to have a tablet shape. Other reports claim the Shadow will have an 8MP camera and an HDMI video-out port.

Additional details for the phone including the version of Android it will run, its processor speed, and the amount of storage it will offer, are unknown at this point. Given that this phone appears to be targeted at the very high-end segment of the market, however, we would expect the Shadow to have some pretty impressive specs.

In recent weeks, there have been other rumors that suggest Motorola has additional Android-based phones in the works. Most of the reports claim the upcoming models will have a tablet shape like the Shadow but with smaller displays. Many times, these phones are described as versions of the popular DROID, but without a sliding keyboard.