Motorola Mobility to Launch LTE Phone with Edge-to-Edge Display This Week

September 5th should be an interesting day; in addition to a Nokia press event in which the company is expected to show off its new Windows Phone 8 handsets, Google’s Motorola Mobility will debut its own new device(s).

According to a Bloomberg report, Motorola is going to unveil a new phone with Verizon wireless that will run Android and feature LTE capabilities, and it’s possible that the model will be the Motorola Droid RAZR HD.

Motorola Mobility
Image credit: Bloomberg

The phone’s killer feature may be a purported edge-to-edge display. A bezel-less phone is a beautiful thing, as it both offers the largest possible display for the device’s size and looks amazing.

Motorola (and every other phone maker) will need to leverage every appealing feature it can develop to compete with the latest iPhone, which Apple is likely to debut at a September 12th event.