Motorola Knocks $70 Off Unlocked Moto X Smartphones In Sweetheart Deal Through Feb 14

Motorola has been offering a number of great deals on its Moto X since its launch last summer (be sure to check out our review), and it appears that the company has no intention of slowing things down. Earlier this week, the company cut $100 off of the smartphone's going price for one hour. Understandably slow, many who were interested missed out, either due to sleeping, eating, or heck, simply living life without the Internet for a couple of hours.

To help make it up to those who missed-out on the flash-sale, and heavily inspired by Valentine's Day, Motorola is offering a new "Sweet Deal" that lasts until February 14th. This time, we're talking $70 lobbed-off a contract-free Moto X, putting the end cost at $329.99 ($49.99 in contract) for the 16GB model, and $379.99 ($99.99 in contract) for the 32GB. Further, Motorola realizes that developers can sometimes feel a bit unloved, so Moto X Developer Editions have also been included in this sale, resulting in a price of $379.99 for the 32GB GSM or Verizon model.

In addition to the phone sale, Motorola is also offering a deal on in-ear headphones: Purchase a pair of SOL REPUBLIC Jax buds (~$40) and get the second pair for half-off. All-around, a great deal when added to the already "sweet" discount on the phone itself.