Motorola Files Patent For Digital Tattoo That Pairs With Your Smartphone

Motorola might not be the dominant force it once was, but it sure does know how to get people talking. Its latest patent does more than enough to make that happen, because it's yet another one of those ideas that seems to be pulled straight out of a 1980's science fiction movie.

The patent, titled "Coupling an electronic skin tattoo to a mobile communication device", would see a user get a tattoo on their neck to aide in a couple of different scenarios. For starters, because it's attached to the neck, it could improve voice clarity while on the phone (I'm not going to pretend I understand the hows here). Further, it could be used to help prove your innocence via lie detection means.

Credit: MC10 Inc

This of course wouldn't be an ordinary tattoo - it's electronic. That means that it could directly interface with your mobile device via a variety of means, including Bluetooth, NFC, and so forth. If I could suggest something, how about having vibration built right in as well? I'd rather an alarm wake me up that way than via a frustrating pulsing noise.

Admittedly, I couldn't imagine getting a tattoo like this, but the idea behind it is kind of... neat. One important thing to note is that this tattoo would almost certainly not be a permanent one. Instead, it'd be a preconfigured design that'd likely be slapped on your neck and replaced every once in a while.

This idea is way "out there", and I'm sure its possible reality is as well. Would you equip a tattoo like this to your neck?

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