Motorola Develops HC1 Head-Mounted Computer

In the future, we'll all be cruising in flying cars and wearing computers on our heads. Or, just the latter. If you don't believe it, then check out what Motorola's been up to. When not building smartphones and tablets, Motorola's engineers are working on funky gadgets like the HC1 Headset Computer, which is precisely what it sounds like.

The HC1 is a post-PC era device if there ever was one. It's actually built by Motorola Solutions, which provides business- and mission-critical communication products and services to enterprises and governments. Staying in line with that objective, the HC1 slips on like a half-helmet. The actual computer is housed in a metal bar that wraps around your noggin. It has dual bi-directional noise-cancelling microphones, a powerful accelerometer, and a digital compass to deliver smooth gesture control.


"Imagine instantly accessing and viewing business-critical documents and complex schematics with just a simple voice command or turn of your head; or to quickly and simply collaborate with remote team members," Motorola explains. "No hands, laptop or fixed mobile workstation required. That’s the power of the HC1 Headset Computer from Motorola Solutions."

From a hardware standpoint, the HC1 is equipped with a TI OMAP 3730 dual-core processor clocked at 800MHz, 3D graphics accelerator, and 512MB of RAM. It runs Windows CE 6.0 Pro and boasts a claimed 98-99 percent accuracy rate for voice recognition, with support in 6 languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese).

Sounds pretty wild. Look for the HC1 to go on sale sometime next year.
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