These Fancy Motorized Moonwalker Shoes Claim To Boost Your Walking Speed By 250%

moonwalker shoes
The Shift Moonwalkers are not your dad's rollerblades. These high-tech shoes are designed to make walking more effortless, and move you faster as you walk.

Shift wants you to join them in taking "one small step for walking, and one giant leap for the future of urban mobility" with its Moonwalkers. The high-tech shoes are being touted as being the world's fastest shoes. While they may look like a fancy pair of rollerblades, they are in fact much different and far more advanced.

moonwalkers charging

One of the main differences between Moonwalkers and rollerblades is the fact that they do not freewheel. The shoes are designed with the company's electronic multi-layer brake protection, and has two modes, Lock and Shift. This means the shoes only move when you move, and enables you to transition from walking down the street, to going up or down stairs.

The heart of the shoes is its "state-of-the-art brushless DC motor, which distributes its power across eight polyurethane wheels through a precision machined gearbox." Moonwalkers have an 8-wheeled patented drivetrain, which consists of overlapping wheels in order to simulate wheels with a much larger diameter. This helps you traverse across uneven terrain.

Moonwalkers are designed to handle a recommended weight of up to 220 lbs, but the company states that it has beta-tested the shoes with a much higher weight limit. If you are above 220 lbs, the company says you will simply experience a lower top speed while doing things such as going up hills.

The advanced shoes come in one size, and is said to best fit US Men's 9 to 12 (EU 41 to 45), and US Women's 10.5 to 13.5. If you happen to have larger feet, the company says you can still use the Moonwalkers, but may experience some discomfort due to your toe being extended a little over the shoes.

moonwalker shoes bottom

If you are worried about being able to utilize Moonwalkers because you could never master rollerblades, don't worry. The company says that during testing, users were able to learn how to use the shoes in 10 steps or less. The study included people from 18 to 60 years old.

If you would like to help finance the project for the Shift Moonwalkers, you can still do so by visiting the company's KickStarter page. There are still a few perks you can get for contributing at various levels.