Moto Z2 Play Leaks With Moto Mods Support And Dual LED Selfie Flash

If you were a fan of the first-generation Moto Z Play, it appears that Lenovo/Motorola isn’t straying too far from that formula with its successor: the aptly named Moto Z2 Play. The original Moto Z Play wowed us with its epic battery life, which was attributed to its power-sipping Snapdragon 625 processor and its large 3510 mAh battery.

According to leaked renders that are making the rounds on the internet, the Moto Z2 Play differs ever so slightly from its predecessor appearance wise. You’ll need a keen eye to spot the changes, which include a more oblong-shaped home button (which doubles as a fingerprint reader). And if you squint, it also appears that the Moto Z2 Play incorporates a dual LED selfie flash this time around instead of a single LED.

moto z2 play

With the exception of those minor details, the Moto Z2 Play could easily be confused with the Moto Z Play. That’s not exactly a bad thing, because the original was an attractive device with top-notch build quality and versatile Moto Mods support.

We’d imagine that you won’t be much movement on the specs front, although it’s likely that the Snapdragon 625 may be replaced by the 2.2GHz Snapdragon 626. The latter offers 10 percent better performance according to Qualcomm and features TrueSignal antenna boost technology and Bluetooth 4.2 support.

It’s also expected that the rather large (for a mid-range smartphone) battery will carry over to the Moto Z2 Play. The Moto Z Play simply dominated our battery life benchmarks, and it also helped that its 1080p display isn’t nearly as power hungry as the QHD or QHD+ displays found in premium flagship smartphones.

There’s one other bit of information that can be gleaned from the leaked renders. There’s a date of June 8th displayed on the device’s screen. While we aren’t willing to bet money on it, that could very well be the launch date for the device.