Moto X Rumored For $100 Price Cut In Q4, Wooden Backing $50

While the Moto X has largely been praised, there's one thing that almost every critic has nitpicked: the price. Sure, $200 on contract for a sleek, Android-powered smartphone isn't terrible, but it's not exactly brimming with high-end internals. That said, it is built in the United States, which certainly adds to the price premium. Still, that price niggle will soon be a moot point according to EVLeaks, who has reported that a 50% off sale will hit in Q4. That's right: the Moto X will soon be available for $100 on contract.

That'll make it a serious player even on the pricing front, and during the all-important holiday shopping season no less. Plus, those wooden backs that weren't available at launch will purportedly be available at $50 a pop, so those looking to add even more pop to the phone's rear will know exactly how much to save up.

At $100, would you be more likely to give the Moto X consideration?