MORF PSU Sleeving MOD, Logitech LX 501 and More

Good morning everyone, welcome back :)  It seems like the news front took a turn for the better after I crashed last night.  With news flowing in at a pretty steady rate, your hunger for knowledge should be well satisfied.  However, I do not have tons of spare time to chit-chat this morning, so let's get down to business so I can get back to the grind...

 A.C. Ryan MORF PSU Sleeving Mod @ A True Review

"While power supply wires do not restrict airflow as bad, they are unsightly. This is where PSU modding/sleeving comes in. Modding your power supply by sleeving the wires and replacing the connector plugs with colorful replacements will dynamically improve the overall look of your computer's interior. To help make this process as easy as possible, A.C."

 Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 501 @ Bjorn3D

"Today we will be looking at the Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 501. Call me old-school, but I was never a fan of multimedia keyboards nor wireless devices. I'm a gamer and few years back wireless technology was not as mature as it is today. The LX 501 however is a very slick combination when it comes to functionality and usability. For the past two weeks of using this combo I've been starting to like it. To the best of my knowledge LX desktop models are available in Europe as well as North America. Kind regards to Logitech Poland for sending us a sample."

 Logitech Z-3 Speaker Review @ The Tech Zone

"Once properly adjusted, the sound coming out of the Logitech Z-3 was simply superb. The bass was tight and well extended, the mid range was free of coloration and the highs were crystal clear. I couldn't believe this level of sound quality could be had for less $100. I've heard many sound systems that cost over three times more than the Z-3 but sound no where near as good." Feature: ABIT Hardware Festival

"Fatal1ty well and truly beat his opponent, 6 frags to 0 in all of three minutes. However, his opponent still had enough pride to stay on stage and have a quick chat with Fatal1ty, trying to pick up some tips and work out just what happened to him."

 ECTS 2004 Roundup @ PCReview

"This years European Computer Trade Show has come to a close, showcasing some of the up and coming products that will be appearing on shelves over the next year. Between the 1st-3rd of September 2004, developers, manufacturers, press and publishers all meet up in Earls Court to showcase and browse the latest gaming products. Ian and Matt both attended ECTS to see what they could find out."

 What's up with computer audio? @ TweakTown

"Last month during QuakeCon it became clearly apparent that computer audio has become somewhat of a forgotten component in the computer industry when talking to gamers and listening to companies at the gaming event. We'll present some benchmark numbers of five different sound solutions as well as provide commentary along the way on our thoughts of computer audio solutions and what should be done to improve things using nVidia's SoundStorm APU as an example."

Time for me to get back to work friends, I will "see" you later today :) - Cheers

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