More Than the Sum of Its Parts, Google's Moto X Breaks Ground For Smartphone Functionality [Video]

Designed and assembled here in the good ol' USA, Google's Motorola Mobility division definitely made headlines with the introduction of the Moto X smartphone.  This device is the fruits of the first joint effort between the two companies since Google snapped up the division last year in an effort to drive a deeper stake securing a foothold in the smartphone hardware market.  On the surface, the Moto X's somewhat bland spec list consisting of a only a 720p display and dual-core processor may be uninspiring to some.  However, what Motorola baked into the Moto X were additional compute engines, features and functionality that you won't find in any other smartphone on the market currently. 

From the Moto X's active notification messaging system, to its natural language control interface, after just a few minutes with the device, you begin to realize it offers more than the typical Android smartphone experience.  In fact, it could be said that Moto X is actually much more than just the sum of its parts.
We designed our own Moto X at the Moto Maker App store, courtesy of our friends at AT&T and we've been sweating hard to finish up our full review.  However, we thought we'd tease our video review first to give you a sense of what we have on the way for you this coming week.

We're pulling together our full analysis with benchmark numbers, camera performance and battery life, so be sure to catch us later this week as we reveal the full monty with the Moto X.

Our full review and analysis is on the way, later this week...