More On Comcast's Extreme Use Cancellations

In the past we've reported the Comcast has been disconnecting broadband service to people it loosely defines as 'excessive' users.  Comcast defines 'excessive' as homes or businesses that download about 3 motion pictures or roughly 1000 songs a day over an unspecified period of time.

Users who violate this typically get a phone call or possibly other communication informing them that they have one month to set things straight.  Of course, they've been targeted for at least one law suit over disconnecting customers because their service is advertised as being without limits.  So what is Comcast's justification for what many are terming a breach of contract?  Here's a word or two from a Comcast spokesperson:

"We do not provide a limit, but do contact customers to explain their excessive usage patterns and work with them to curb their excessive use. The examples provided are illustrative of what a customer would have to do in a given month to receive a phone call regarding our Acceptable Use Policy. Again, this is extremely rare and applicable to less than one-tenth of one percent of our customers."

Comcast has also recently been accused of attempting to block bittorrent traffic into or out of their network.  Putting this news and that together, it's starting to look like Comcast might be concerned about the capacity of their network.
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