More Site Woes, Security Flaw Allegedly Shares Personal User Data

Well, this surely isn't a good look. The United States government has never been particularly adept when it comes to web technologies, and given the red tape that's used just about everywhere in Washington, D.C., that's probably not something that should come as a shock. After a botched launched and growing concerns of privacy violations, a new report has pinpointed a specific case where a used found "an apparent security flaw that disclosed eligibility letters addressed to individuals from another state."

Once he finally managed to get the website to accept his login attempts at all, he was presented with a "receipt of an application to the Health Insurance Marketplace and the eligibility of family members to purchase health coverage," one of which was actually made out to a gentleman from a different state. Worse still, both folks now seem unable to reach anyone who works at the government-ran site who would have a clue as to how to help either of them.

What's it all mean? That the site's launch is a huge mess, and if you're considering evaluating new plans, you may want to hold off until the private-industry Dream Team swoops in to address the numerous concerns that have emerged.