More Credit Card Data Lost...

GE Money misplaced a backup tape with about 650,000 customer's personal credit information.  There are two additional facts that make this particularly noteworthy.

First is that GE Money handles the credit information of more than 100 retailers including JC Penney.  Without knowing the names of the other retailers, it isn't possible to really say exactly who else may be impacted directly by this loss.

The second is that the data loss was discovered in October!

“The information was on a backup computer tape that was discovered missing last October. It was being stored at a warehouse run by Iron Mountain Inc., a data storage company, and was never checked out but can't be found either, said Richard C. Jones, a spokesman for GE Money, part of General Electric Capital Corp.

Jones said there was "no indication of theft or anything of that sort," and no evidence of fraudulent activity on the accounts involved.”
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