Moondrop MIAD01 HiFi Phone Brings Audiophile Jams With Dual Audio Ports

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Quietly hinted for the past few months, the MIAD01 5G smartphone from portable audio specialist Moondrop has finally broken cover. Available globally for under $400, the Moondrop phone doesn't just target the budget-conscious, but (as you might expect) also audiophiles with powerful Hi-Fi audio features.

Fans of popular IEM (in-ear monitor) maker Moondrop have seen the company recently diversifying from wired into wireless earphones with its Star Field and Golden Ages. Nothing much, however, prepared the world for the Chinese company to release a smartphone, let alone for $400 on all global markets.

Under the bonnet, the MIAD01 (Mobile Internet Audio Device) packs a Mediatek Dimensity 7050 paired with 12GB DDR4x RAM and 256GB UFS 3.1 storage (expandable to 2TB via microSD). The display is surprisingly good as well—a 6.7-inch 1080p 120Hz AMOLED panel with 1920Hz PWM dimming (suggesting smooth adjustments to brightness), although the curved edges will make installing aftermarket glass protectors a chore.


This being Moondrop we're talking about here, the MIAD01 doesn't just stop there. The lightweight body (just 202 grams!) also hides some seriously impressive audio-centric hardware and features, basically turning the phone into a digital audio player (DAP) that audiophiles have always wished for. There is a double Cirrus Logic MasterHiFi DAC for the left-right channel, 3.5mm and 4.4mm (balanced) audio ports, a 6-layer gold-plated audio circuit, 100-step volume control, 132 dB dynamic range, and a low 117 dB signal-to-noise ratio. The audio circuitry has its own low dropout (LDO) regulators to shield itself from the rest of the phone's components for reduced noise.


Of course, at this price and from a first-time phone maker, one should almost expect compromises. One of the biggest concerns isn't the lack of Google Mobile Services and all Google apps (which all can be manually installed, natch), it's the low chance of proper security and software updates that might give buyers some pause. The camera package (64MP primary, 32MP selfie) is also lackluster. Not that we've had a chance to test it—Moondrop actually states "It's not good, but it works." Kudos for that class act and rare moment of transparency there, Moondrop.

The MIAD01 also comes with a strong 5000mAH battery with 33W fast charging, although there's no IP rating, which is bummer for those hoping for more protection from the elements. 

You can purchase the Moondrop phone now at select authorized retailers and eComm sites.
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