Monster Meter is Perfect for the Halloween 'Willies'

It's a typical scenario: your young child is convinced there's a monster under his bed, and showing him Monsters, Inc. doesn't calm him down. That's when you whip out your iPhone and pull up the Monster Meter app. The Monster Meter app is designed to convince your child there are no monsters in his room. There are four monster detection "technologies."
  1. Radar – classic radar screen that uses the camera on your device
  2. Grid – this scanner also uses the camera on your device
  3. Green Meter – playful yet serious meter
  4. Metal Meter – more serious looking meter for serious monster finding

There is no iPad specific version (as yet), and obviously 1) and 2) above are not going to work on the first generation iPad. It wouldn't be too fun around Halloween if you couldn't detect just a few monsters. Make sure you do it outside your child's room, so he won't be afraid of the dark, after you leave the room. That option, to show a few monsters, is described as:
There may be times, such as at Halloween, when a parent feels that it's okay for Monster Meter to detect an old monster or two, just for fun. For that reason, Appdicted designed the app's setting to be adjustable, allowing for the showing of monsters, if desired. All in all, Monster Meter may be the perfect application for a kid's fear of the dark. Parents can use it to provide concrete evidence that a child's room is monster-free and safe to sleep in.
This app may be the cure to your child's fear of things that go bump in the night. As such, we assume the $0.99 price won't make you blanch (it's your child, after all).