Monster Intros Flashy $300 Turbine Pro In-Ear Headphones

For the longest time, Monster was known for one thing and one thing only: for producing high-quality, over-the-top, overpriced cables. These days, a lot of folks have caught on to Monster's games and are looking elsewhere, so maybe that's why we've seen the company branching out more into varying sectors of consumer electronics. Specifically, Monster has been cranking out headphone after headphone, with the latest set being of the earbud variety.

In typical Monster fashion, the new Turbine Pro headphones are extremely flashy, and if you believe the press release, they're probably the best in-ear headphones money can buy. Described as "professional" earbuds, Monster has engineered these "to deliver the kind of reference-quality sound necessary to meet the exacting demands of today’s music professionals and discriminating audiophile listeners." The standout feature in the new 'buds is the 'SuperTip' eartips, which offer up noise isolation and prevent sound leakage. Speaking of tips, a trio of sizes ship with 'em, so pretty much any ear canal should be taken care of.

The new Monster Turbine Pro headphones will be available in November 2009 in a pair of colors: gold with black chrome, and copper with bright chrome. Unlike most headphones, Monster is standing behind these in a big way. They'll come with a one-time Lifetime Replacement Guarantee – even if users break the headphones themselves. Of course, we'd expect nothing less given the monstrous $299.95 price tag, which actually soars to $329.95 if you get the bundle that includes Monster's ControlTalk headphone cable to use with Apple's iPhone, iPod and most other multimedia-friendly smartphones.