Monarch Furia Evaluation @ [H]Consumer

[H]Consumer (sister site to [H]ard|OCP) has evaluated a mid-range Furia system from Monarch. Unfortunately, Kyle and crew ran into a few problems with regard to how this system was built and configured.  It seems a few components didn't match the original order, and a few missteps were made during the build process as well.

"We decided to build a mid-range computer with room for upgradeability. We ordered a Monarch Furia - Monarch's 939 pin, 64-bit AMD product line. We chose an ATI, rather than an NVIDIA, motherboard for the sake of variety. We added a 1-year warranty with 24/7 tech support and a 30-day DOA "freight paid both ways" plan. By far the most expensive component in our build was the ASUS A8R32-MVP Deluxe motherboard with CrossFire support. You can get a similar system for less from Monarch by going with a cheaper motherboard, but we wanted something that was CrossFire ready with the ability to upgrade down the line. The motherboard cost $235.69 when we ordered it, bumping up the total cost to $1326 + $75 for shipping and handling."
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