“Moment” External Lenses For Smartphones Should Finish Off Point-And-Shoots For Good

It’s a fact that for most of us, our primary camera is the one baked onto our smartphone. For some shots that’s been fine, and the ability to immediately share photos and video is tremendous, but the world could do without yet another shaky, far-away clip of kids’ soccer games, etc.

Moment is addressing the issue of needing better lenses for our phones by developing high-quality external, easily-attachable lenses. They’ve developed wide-angle and telephoto lenses that attach to your smartphone using a tiny metal mount that doesn’t harm your device and can be mounted regardless whether or not the phone has a case.

Moment smartphone lenses

So far, the lenses are designed to work with iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy (S2 and newer) devices, although more mountings are being prototyped. The company claims that the lenses have no distortion, minimal chromatic aberration, and better MTF performance. The team behind Moment is looking to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter.

Moment smartphone lens telephoto
Click here for high-res version (Credit: @benjhaisch + @levyfilms)

Moment isn’t the only game in town. These sorts of external smartphone lenses are all over Amazon, and Sony has the wacky QX100 that’s actually a standalone camera that uses the smartphone as a viewfinder, but Moment claims that its lenses are better than all of them.

Moment smartphone lenses

The wide-angle and telephoto lenses look to cost $99 each at retail.