MobileNavigator App Gains Augmented Reality And More

Some say that the smartphone killed Cisco's Flip line of camcorders, and some would say that smartphone-based navigation systems are slowing killing the standalone GPS system. We still think those PNDs have life left in them yet, but Navigon's iPhone Navigation App definitely gives them a run for their money. MobileNavigator has been around for months, and version 1.8 adds some pretty killer features that haven't been there before. Version 1.8 is the eight major update to the app, with this one bringing a Reality Scanner (which helps to find nearby points of interest with an augmented reality view) as well as safety camera alerts as an In App Purchase.

V1.8 also has an at-a-glance traffic gage and a new NAVTEQ map. Reality Scanner is potentially the best new addition. It's a navigation industry first augmented reality feature for the iOS platform, providing an instant and effortless way of identifying destinations close-by. Users simply point the iPhone in any direction from where they are and instantly points of interest icons appear directly onto a live camera view, indicating the exact position of the location.

On the safety front, the new Safety Cameras feature alerts drivers of upcoming static speed and red light cameras along the route, helping to potentially avoid costly tickets. The feature integrates the database from the industry's number one safety camera detection company, RoadTraps. This database provides access to over 3900 speed and red light cameras in the US and is regularly updated to ensure the latest cameras are detected. NAVIGON Safety Cameras is available as a single In App Purchase of $4.99.

There's also Traffic Check, an easy to read, at-a-glance gage graphic that appears after route calculation and informs drivers of current traffic conditions. Moreover, the company's currently working on even more updates, and only those with this most updated version will be able to take advantage. Tempting!
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