MMMmm! Bacon Flavored Mouthwash!

Proctor & Gamble's gone and done it now, and the company should think long and hard about how it proceeds. We're talking about P&G's aggressive social media campaign promoting Scope Bacon, supposedly a new mouthwash that tastes like bacon but leaves mouths feeling minty fresh. It's "for breath that sizzles," the tagline reads, and though all signs point to this being an April Fool's Day prank, does it really have to be?

We've seen stranger bacon products, like bacon scented soap and even gumballs that taste like processed pig. As far as the bathroom goes, you can already purchase bacon shaving cream and flavored floss, so is Scope Mouthwash really all that far fetched?

In addition to the above video, Scope Bacon has its own website and FAQ. According to the latter, the mouthwash only tastes like bacon but leaves a minty smell behind. It uses a synthetic bacon flavoring that doesn't actually contain any real bacon, therefore no pigs are harmed in the making of each bottle, nor is there any nutritional value (in others words, don't chug, just swish and spit).

P&G is pushing the product on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, though there's no place to order it online and it's not in stores. No big surprise, considering it uses the following formula: Bacon + April 1 = Prank. Give it enough time, however, and we're sure this or a similar product will eventually see the light of day, would you agree?